What your hair says about your health

If you notice abnormal hair fall, or growth, or excessive dryness of your hair and scalp and dandruff that refuses to clear, you need to contact a trichologist as soon as possible. Hair problems are the first sign that something is going wrong with you internally.

Different hair conditions such as dull hair, split ends, greasy hair can be early warning signals for a variety of different problems or deficiencies. Therefore, problems with our hair should be taken seriously, because they are reflective of problems within.
Dry & brittle hair could be a sign of deficiencies in protein, vitamin A, zinc, essential fatty acid & Thyroid Issues
Oily & greasy hair means deficiencies in zinc, folic acid & Vitamin B 6 deficiency
Coarse hairmeans deficiency in Protein &Vitamin A and possible hypothyroidism

Split ends could be a sign of anaemia, iron deficiency & deficiencies in vitamin B6, magnesium, or zinc
Preature greying mcould be a sign of stress, hormone issues & deficiencies in B vitamins, copper, or folic acid
Scalp disorderssuch as dandruff, seborrhea, psoriasis) may be due to fungal infection, Stress or deficiencies in B vitamins, zinc, essential fatty acid.



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