Remedies for back pain

There’s nothing worse than sitting at work with a horrible backache. Here’s how you can take care !

A back pain can make your day worse. Not only does it make you uncomfortable while you sit, but also causes pain when you are lying down or standing. Here are a few ways you can take care of this problem.

1. Stretching

This form of exercise limbers up tense muscles and strengthens the ones that need help. But before you try any stretches it is advised that you visit a fitness expert or a doctor to know which ones will work for you. Stretching should be done gently. Don’t exert too much pressure on your muscles; they might do more damage than good.

2. Change the way you sit

Another reason for back pain is often related to the way you sit. More often than not, we do not realise that our posture causes this. If you have a desk job, it is best to take short breaks after every hour. This will help ease your back pain.

3. Sleep well
Sleeping on your back is the best way to avoid any back problems. If you are already suffering from a back pain, it is always advised to sleep on the floor or a hard surface for a few days before the pain subsides.
4. Go for a massage
Last but not the least, always go in for a massage when you’ve been experiencing a backache. It helps relieve tense muscles, thereby providing relaxation. A fortnightly massage will ensure that your back pain subsides with time.




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