Natural Home Remedy to Baggy Eyes

Baggy eyes in the morning are a common problem. The reason for the problem is a combination of thin skin and fluids gathering beneath your eyes while you sleep. In kids, the problem usually goes away pretty fast, but it can linger on as you get older. Here’s what you can do if you wake up in the morning with bags under your eyes.

Use a Cold Compress
Cold compresses are a good first reaction and may work pretty quickly. All you need is water, a cloth and your freezer. Simply wet the cloth until it is damp and let it chill in the freezer while you have a cup of green tea. The cloth should not be hard or heavy. Lean back in a recliner or chair, but don’t lie down. Gravity helps the fluids to move away from your head and eyes. Place the cloth over your eyes. Give it at least 15 minutes.
Drink green Tea
Drinking the green tea is another trick that can help. The small amount of caffeine won’t make you jittery, but it will act as a diuretic. Diuretics help rid your body of excess fluids. The antioxidants may also improve the strength of your blood vessels and promote good fluid circulation.

Use Sliced Cucumbers
Some sources say that sliced cucumbers work better than a regular cold compress. If the cucumber has been in your fridge, then the slices should work as a cold compress and may also provide other benefits.
Cucumbers contain antioxidants that may promote fluid circulation. So, if you have a cucumber handy, give it a try.
Use an Eye Cream with Decongestant Activity
The better eye creams contain the ingredients HALOXYL and EYELISS. The two formulas work together to significantly reduce bags. With regular use, a good eye cream may prevent the problem all together. If you need to look your best today and you woke up with baggy eyes, I suggest using the cold compress first and then applying a good eye cream after you shower.
Use a Face Cream with Natural Anti-Inflammatory Activity
The regular use of a face cream with natural anti-inflammatory activity can improve the function of the tiny blood vessels beneath the skin, keeping the fluids moving instead of allowing them to pool up under the thin skin beneath the eyes.

Many natural ingredients have some anti-inflammatory activity. Most antioxidants do. But one of the most effective natural anti-inflammatories is a formula called Xtend-TK. It has been shown to block inflammation before it starts. Whenever fluids gather beneath the skin, the condition can be described as inflammation.
Take Fish Oil on a Regular Basis
Fish oil is a popular dietary supplement with many proven benefits. If you have baggy eyes on most mornings, your problem may be caused by poor circulation and chronic inflammation. Fish oil helps to improve circulation. One of its best known benefits is to the cardiovascular system where it works to lower fats in the bloodstream that make the blood thicker and harder to circulate.

The better fish oils also have proven anti-inflammatory activity. One capsule might not get rid of your morning bags, but with regular use, the supplement could keep you from having the problem.



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