Flat Shoes In Summer 2014

Flat shoes is suitable for summer and it is also suitable for going to work or wear it in place where you will stand for long time. It is very comfortable. It has many ores but in summer there is ores you can’t use it as it is not comfortable with summer hot weather. Silicone and plastic ores should not wear in summer because feet in summer need comfortable shoes with good ventilation. When feet sweating in summer in uncomfortable with bad ventilation shoes it will make fungi with unlike bad smell. When your feet sweating, dusts will collect on your feet and make it has bad appearance.
Sweating also make you cannot control your shoes and make you staking a lot and will make you feel that the shoes is bigger than your size even if it was the same of your feet. So if you love flat shoes do not buy plastic or silicone ores. You should wear comfortable ores as cotton and cloth. The most famous colors of flat shoes is green, pink, tiger, red, white and black. You can find many forms of it in any store. It is suitable for many sets especially jeans with t-shirt or blouse. 



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