Fashion Tips On How to Improve Your Style

You’re going to discover how to make simple adjustments in your wardrobe and shopping habits, which can make a huge positive difference in how you look and improve the “health” of your wardrobe.

So let’s put the current fashion trends to the side for a moment and start with the very basic fashion tips – the 5 key elements of looking your best
Step 1: Your Body Figure
By knowing the shape, scale and proportions of your body, you’ll be able to select the best clothes and accessories that create a balanced silhouette that help disguise the parts you’re self-conscious about to you pave the way for your confidence. This gives you the curves on all the right places, and leaves plenty of room to play up your best assets. 
It also helps you know what adjustments you need to make to make any outfit will work for you. This greatly breaks down the barrier between you and the classic “no-no”-s that you are supposed to avoid – so that you can wear almost anything you want! 

Step 2: Your Coloring
The right colors make your skin glow and you’ll look fresh and alert. The wrong colors, on the other hand can make you look pale (not in a good way for those you like the pale look!), tired and bring out discolorations and skin imperfections. 
Another important aspect of colors is knowing how to use and coordinate colors to your advantage – such as bringing attention to your best assets as well as how to look taller. You can also use colors to create the mood of your outfit. 

Step 3: Develop Personal Style
Defining your personal style is a must to set yourself apart form the rest, as well as help you connect with your personality and create a trademark that people will remember you for. This results in a confident and comfortable gal behind the clothes 🙂 
Step 4: Wardrobe Audit
It’s time to build the contents of your wardrobe! If you want to make it easier to put on clothes in the morning – you need to make sure you have the important essentials that build the foundation of your closet.
These are the building blocks to creating a solid wardrobe that keeps you covered on all occasions all-year-around. 
Step 5: Putting it Together
After having some of the basic fashion tips and assessed various aspects of your current style, from analyzing yourself from inside and out – it’s time to put it all together!
This is where you swamp us much inspiration as possible and get your creative juices flowing. Playing it safe by relying on the basics won’t get your image and style anywhere. Now it’s the time for you to be creative and bold. Experiment with fashion, and not least have fun!
After reviewing the steps from 1 to 4, you’ve probably have a propped notebook with notes on your current style and ideas on how and what to improve. Now, use the style and fashion tips to gather inspiration that suits your taste and handpick the trends that resonate with you.



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