Everyday due to our exposure sun, pollution or even from the water in the swimming pool, our skin tends to go through a lot of tanning and thus starts to appear darker. Women these days not only want a lighter skin tone on their face, but also on their feet and hands. You can now get whiter and glowing skin o part of your body by using ingredients from your kitchen shelf only. Read on to know how you can get whiter glowing skin:

Step One – Prepare Your Mask Mix

Using ingredients from kitchen, you can make your own mask for your feet and hands to get whiter and glowing skin. For this you will need turmeric powder, corn flour, red lentil powder and gram flour. Mix all these dry ingredients and store it in air tight jar.

Step Two – Cleansing & Scrubbing

For cleansing you will need milk and cotton, take a soft cotton ball and dip it in the milk, and cleanse your hands or feet with it. After this for scrubbing take sugar and half a lime, take a tea spoon of sugar on your palm and run a lemon on it to scrub away the dead cells.

Step Three – Apply The Mask

After scrubbing take out the mask mix made with gram flour, red lentil powder, corn flour and turmeric. Mix it with a tea spoon of lemon, a tsp of milk and 1 tablespoon of tomato pulp. Apply this mask on your hands evenly and exfoliate your hands. Keep this on hands before washing it off. You will get an instant glowing, smooth and skin.



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