Tutorial: Upside Down Cat Eyeliner

We all love eyeliner, we apply it in all different shapes (to make our eyes look flattering and appealing) but what you probably haven't tried, is the … [Continue reading]

A Different Contouring Idea

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Hairstyles for curly hair

You've brushed, pressed and used a series of other products in the hope that it will help your curly hair stay in place. However, more often than not, … [Continue reading]

Tips to get rid of dry skin around nails

Dryness is the main reason for getting cracked skin around finger nails. If not treated, it can even lead to eczema, which is a dry skin … [Continue reading]

How to whiten your teeth naturally

Who doesn't want sparkling white teeth? Clean, white teeth are an indication of how well-groomed you are. However, if you think spending a bomb … [Continue reading]

Drink coconut water for glowing skin

Got dull, lifeless skin? While skin texture is mostly hereditary, there is a lot you can do to improve it.The effect of diet is seriously … [Continue reading]

5 tips to buy clothes that fit right

Things to do in the trial room so that you aren't left with a purchase you'll regret1. Try out a complete lookIf you try on for size a luxe blouse … [Continue reading]

4 summer hair masks

Here are some hair mask recipes you can try making at home.Moisturising: Mix three tbsp each of coconut milk and castor oil.Leave it for an hour, … [Continue reading]

How to get a perfect smile

Are you worried about the way your smile looks in a photograph or a selfie? Here are a few tips to ensure you get that picture-perfect grin:Relax … [Continue reading]

How To Repair Your Damage Hair

Your hairstyle can change your style to the better. If you neglect your hairstyle it will make you look bad even if you are interested in fashion. So … [Continue reading]

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