A Farmer Died By Tick Bite, Later Doctor Found Something Bizarre!

All kind of parasites are disgusting, but Ticks are the filthy ones. They do not even leave humans. These bloodsucker parasites are the vectors of dangerous diseases, like Lyme disease. However, its terror does not end here. A man died mysteriously from a tick bite. Everybody was stunned as if that … [Continue reading]

How To Apply Eyeliner Perfectly Based On Your Eye Shape

Doesn't matter you are going to hit a party or going for a conference, you can always apply an eyeliner. But you cannot any eyeliner according to the occasion as you have to see which eye liner will suit the best according to the occasion. Undoubtedly eyeliner plays a very effective role when it … [Continue reading]

simple eye makeup tricks to enhance beauty instantly

#1 fill in your eyebrowsEnhance them, make them look sharper, make them look thicker. Do whatever you want with them! There are so many tools to help define your eyebrows: brushes, pencils, eye shadow, and many more. … [Continue reading]

Effective Home Remedies To Get Fuller Lips

Mix vaseline and cinnamon. Apply this mixture on your lips with finger. This mixture will increase blod circulation in that area and make your lips appear fuller. … [Continue reading]

8 Super-Easy Lazy Girl Hacks For Looking Good

Every girl want to look good, but do every girl want to wake up early in morning to Get Perfect Makeup Every Day? Nope. Is there any way to look … [Continue reading]

Super Eye Lash Gowth Fast Guaranteed | GET LONG GREAT EYE LASHES

Hello Friends in this video I am sharing an amazing Ayurvedic remedy to get great long Eyelashes naturally with just 3 ingredients. Watch full video … [Continue reading]

What Your Sleeping Position Reveals About Your Personality

If you can't fall asleep without sticking your knees out whilst lying on your side, then you're a calm and reliable person. It's not easy to offend … [Continue reading]

10 Ways to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

1. To create the effect of big eyes, use double shadow.Well-known makeup artist Sarah Lucero (among her clients are Katherine Heigl and Olivia Wilde) … [Continue reading]

5 Basic Makeup Techniques Every Woman Should Master

Makeup has become an inseparable part of girls. No girl would like to go outside without makeup. Besides this, not every girl is a professional in … [Continue reading]

10 Useful Body Care Tips and Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know About

Women's life is like a war with itself. Women have the tendency to look beautiful and attractive all the time. She just wants to look beautiful. She … [Continue reading]

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