Don’t throw those watermelon seeds away

While the sweet and juicy watermelon is full of nutrition, did you know that the seeds of this fruit are also beneficial? A rich source of iron, potassium, and vitamins, these seeds are great for your health, skin and hair. So, chew on the watermelon seeds or use their oil, the next time you … [Continue reading]

5 methods to combat hair loss after chemotherapy

When a person undergoes cancer treatment, they not only endure a lot physically, but also on a mental and psychological level. Not to mention, the physical changes that it brings along. Several of the chemotherapy drugs used during the treatment of cancer cause hair fall. This is … [Continue reading]

Natural Home Remedy to Baggy Eyes

Baggy eyes in the morning are a common problem. The reason for the problem is a combination of thin skin and fluids gathering beneath your eyes while you sleep. In kids, the problem usually goes away pretty fast, but it can linger on as you get older. Here's what you can do if you wake up in the … [Continue reading]

What your hair says about your health

If you notice abnormal hair fall, or growth, or excessive dryness of your hair and scalp and dandruff that refuses to clear, you need to contact a trichologist as soon as possible. Hair problems are the first sign that something is going wrong with you internally.Different hair conditions such as … [Continue reading]

5 things that affect your sex drive

A healthy sex life can be elevating. But lately, if you've been experiencing problems in the sack, these could be the reasons...Astalled libido could … [Continue reading]

Simple ways to cure a headache

A headache can be caused by many factors, be it stress, fluctuating hormones or even a drinking session that results in hangover the next day. Here … [Continue reading]

Remedies for back pain

There's nothing worse than sitting at work with a horrible backache. Here's how you can take care !A back pain can make your day worse. Not only does … [Continue reading]

10 Quick Health Tips

Being healthier doesn't have to mean overhauling your entire lifestyle. Sometimes all it takes is a few simple changes. These quick-and-easy tweaks to … [Continue reading]

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