How to postpone greying of hair

What wrinkling is to skin, greying is to hair. Both are signs that herald age. But it can be postponed if taken proper care We despair as much … [Continue reading]

Ways to fix your discoloured lips

Dark/discoloured lips could be due to an unhealthy lifestyle or bad hygiene habits. If you smoke, here's one more reason to kick the butt. … [Continue reading]

Top ten beauty myths

A new study says that nine out of 10 women admit to making grooming mistakes such as washing hair daily to bring more volume to it or plucking … [Continue reading]

Master the formula for a pretty face

A perceptual psychologist explains the science behind beauty, and how to cheat your way to it Archaeologists excavating sites at Harappa and … [Continue reading]

How to shape your eyebrows

Here are some simple tips on how to shape your own eyebrows to bring out your best features. Don't apply ice to your skin before using a tweezer … [Continue reading]

How to contour and highlight your face

Here's how you can get movie-star like looks without going under the knife. All you need to do is follow these simple make-up tips and contour your … [Continue reading]

DIY tools for your nail art kit

Fancy doing your own nails, but don't want to spend too much? Here are some nail-art tools that you can make from things lying around the house. They … [Continue reading]

Women prefer to keep hair extensions a secret

Faking it in the hair department is a whole lot easier to do these days. Over a third of women regularly wear hair extensions and almost 90 per cent … [Continue reading]

Do’s and dont’s for shiny white teeth

Maintaining shiny white teeth is simpler than you think. Read on to know howTaking right care for your teeth is essential not only to keep them in … [Continue reading]

Wear a scent that suits the occasion

Just like you have outfits for every occasion, wearing different fragrances according to the mood and event can also enhance your personality.Here's … [Continue reading]

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