5 Steps To Your New Look In 2014

While we turn over the calendar to 2014, you might think about the style maxim that you should evolve into new hair every 10. Now, go back to pictures of you in the year 2000–if you look similar hair-wise, you are way behind! You’ve fallen victim to getting stuck into that decade–a complete no-no in the beauty and fashion world! By 2014 you should be comfortably evolving into a new look for this decade, so here are some steps to take and a short check list for your beauty evolution.

1. Review the past

Find photos from each year going far back as 2000, and remember most importantly just because we looked fab in one particular pic and you want to recapture that look doesn’t mean it’s always best. Take into consideration your age, lighting, angle that photo was shot at and your health and weight; everything needs adjusting over time. The angles of our faces change, our skin tone changes, so adjustments must be made.

2. Learn new techniques

What was all the rage in styling even 5 years ago is so pass√© and behind now. For instance, the open-ended banana curl (dare I call it)–your stylist will be more than happy to show you some new tricks and tips for an up to the moment style.
3. Take into consideration changing your color very slightly

Just because you’re going to change color doesn’t mean you have to change drastically. There are very up to date color trends going on and you don’t want to miss the look by holding on to the over processed colors of yesterday.

4. It is always good to get an opinion of someone who doesn’t know your hair or you

For example, if you are visiting New York, LA, or Chicago, I always recommend setting up a consultation with a beauty professional in that area. These are usually free of charge and leave you with something to think about, to bring back home to your stylist. If you’re not traveling, do some research on who’s the best stylist, colorist or just into fashion in your area and book with them for a consult. It doesn’t mean you need to take everything they recommend to heart just keep an open mind.
5. Most important, whatever you are feeling and wearing on the inside will definitely make an appearance on the outside
So love yourself, nurture yourself, and tell yourself how beautiful you are every day!
And may 2014 produce the best pictures of oneself to look back on in future years XX



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