Remedies4 Home Remedies For Oily Skin

Oily skin is due to the overproduction of sebum from the sebaceous gland, it is important to protect our skin from many skin problems and slows down the ageing process but some people have excess secretion of oil from the skin which causes breakouts and blemishes which are not healthy for our skin. … [Continue reading]

How To Grow Nails Faster And Stronger

1. Lemon juiceLemon juice is one of the best choices for growing nails at home. Lemon juice contains Vitamin C that is highly beneficial in the growth of your nails. Along with this, it also helps in eliminating the yellow stains from your nails.RemedyMix lemon juice (1 tbsp.) with olive oil (3 … [Continue reading]

6 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Blackheads and Whiteheads Fast

Clear, beautiful and smooth skin is wanted by everyone but to keep it healthy and beautiful you have to take care of your face daily and nothing will be better than natural remedies to remove skin flaws like black heads and white heads. Here are some natural remedies that would be helpful in getting … [Continue reading]

How To Get Red Lips

Red lips has been a sign of sensuality for a very long time and looks like still it will be on the top, it also sometimes defines the class of a woman as well as it out brings the most beautiful feature of your face that is your lips . To get those scrumptious looking lips there is step by step … [Continue reading]

5 Brilliant Matte Lipstick Hacks You Need to Know About

Matte lipsticks are the choice of most of the women as they bring out the most sensual feature of our face that is our lips but some common problems … [Continue reading]

Here Is How To Master In 60’s Thick Cat Eyeliner !

1. Prepare Your Eyes Before you start to apply your eye makeup for cat eyes, you must clean and remove traces of dirt or makeup, oil or grime from … [Continue reading]

6 Genius Lipstick Hacks Every Woman Needs to Know

When we think of beauty lipstick has its own importance. Your lipstick adds a visual appeal and makes you look very attractive and gorgeous. Here are … [Continue reading]

How To Apply Eyeliner Properly, See Full Tutorial

Hello Everyone! Welcome back today this post is a little bit of a beauty thing, we actually noticed on Facebook that white beauty related video you … [Continue reading]

LifestyleThis Is Not A Joke. With Toothpaste You Can Do Pedicure At Home

We have been spending lots of money in parlors for pedicure in order to look more attractive and hygienic but after knowing about this amazing home … [Continue reading]

This DIY Trick To Hem Your Jeans Fast And Easy Is Simply Amazing!

Staying trendy makes our life colorful and following trends makes us feel good. Wearing trendy clothes help us to match up with fashion icons and … [Continue reading]

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